dirk bell


Dirk Bell ist ein Musiker, Produzent und Komponist aus Köln. Er spielt Gitarren, E-bass, Chapman-Stick, Querflöten und ethnische Flöten. Seine musikalischen Wurzeln liegen im Folk und im Jazz, in der Klassik und in der Freien Improvisation. Dirk Bell lehrt Gitarre und Improvisation in Köln. Aktuelle Projekte heißen

Am 2. Oktober 2022 : Foxl live im Urania, Platenstr. 32, 50824 Köln, mit Dirk Bell, guitars, livecircuits:

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New York city Jazz record, May 2015: With Dutch pianist, composer and ICP Orchestra founder Misha Mengelberg new examples of his work become more precious. This nearly 80-minute 2011 ad-hoc session from Cologne with his contemporary- tenor saxophonist Gerd Dudek- plus a band of younger players- trumpeter Ryan Carniaux, guitarist Dirk Bell, bassist Jocha Oetz and drummer Nils Tegen-takes on added resonance. .... Bell's flowing lines, as when he solos lucidly on "Part 5", add to this pre-free impression while master of understatement Mengelberg, chameleon-like, mostly sticks to comping. For more information, visit nemu-records.com


Alphawellenreiter- Evolution:
Alphawellenreiter, a musicians collective based in Cologne, Germany, creates an interesting and highly energetic mixture of improvised and composed music. Long danceable passages are followed by virtuoso solo parts, ambient sound sculptures lead the listener to composed songs and further into structural chaos. Experimental Freepop meets heavy Hiphop-beats and funky Jazz-Grooves. A Journey from Alpha to Omega! With Alice Rose, voc, Ryan Carniaux, trp, Dirk Bell, git, Ahmed Eid, b, Soufian Zoghliami, dr. For more information, please visit alphawellenreiter.de